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At Top Click Joe, we know the Service Business Industry (i.e., Carpet Cleaning Companies, plumbers, HVAC companies, etc.) better than most ad agencies around the globe.

How can we make such an arrogant statement, you ask?

Let me tell you how and why we can make such a bold statement.

My name is Joe Crivello-Sorensen, the CEO of Top Click Joe. Before starting this agency, I owned and operated a disaster restoration company for 27 years (Water, Fire, Mold Disaster Company, Carpet Cleaning, etc.) We did all our marketing in-house for nearly three decades and learned what worked and did not, benefiting all my service business clients.

 We also had a roofing division and a new flooring and refinishing division.

Are you understanding that I understand the service industry better than most agencies?

Let’s connect to see how we can put you in front of your competition, FAST, and at a cost that will NOT take all your profit!

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Maybe you’re the type that loves to take control of your destiny. I get it; I have owned my own business for 32 years, so I also want to control my destiny. I can help you set up your online advertising or improve what you have already set up yourself. Everyone needs a mentor, and I would love to be that for you and your business. Let’s set up a Free 15-minute chat to see if we are a good mix.

What else can you do to improve your Google Ads results once you’ve mastered the fundamentals?

You might be surprised by the response.

People at all phases of their Google Ads journeys come to me in my role as a private Google Ads coach.

When you first begin, everything is brand new; this entails learning and testing various methods, tactics, and hacks. While attempting to get a specific outcome, you are also learning how to use the Google Ads interface.

It’s comparable to leaping into the pool’s deep end and struggling with every stroke to keep afloat.

But if you persist, you gradually improve.

And after a few years of practice, there are (nearly) no longer any new features or hacks to learn until Google changes things on us overnight!

Most of the Google Ads strategies pros and beginners use are precisely the same, which explains why.

While two advertisers may employ the same strategy, the distinctions in their businesses and campaigns could provide a different outcome.

To illustrate what I mean, let me give you an example.

Consider these two advertisers:

Advertiser A, a new Google Ads user running an odor elimination business, spends $10 daily.

A hired seasoned Google Ads freelancer, Advertiser B, charges $20 daily to optimize a client’s campaigns, PLUS $10.00 ad spend.

Let’s assume both seek new strategies to improve their Odor Search Ads.

If you’ve followed me for a time, you know how important I find account structure. Let’s examine each advertiser’s potential strategy now.

New Advertiser A

There probably isn’t much data to optimize because this marketer is just starting and has a small budget with no long-term data.

Continuously improving “account structure” entails putting into effect a few best practices like:

Ensure that each campaign is divided into several ad groups or themes.

Put together ad groups using terms that have a similar intent.

Now you sit back and watch your daily ad money get spent.

Seasoned Freelance Advertiser B

Advertiser B has already made a significant investment in time and experience.

However, there is frequently room for improvement in account structure, especially in large accounts. Some instances are:

Put profitable keywords in their ad groups to manage their spending and bid strategy at the ad group level.

Create a new stand-alone campaign for each high-dollar keyword/keywords like cigarette smoke removal and smoke smell elimination.

For various visitor segments, like one week, 30 days, etc., start an RLSA (Remarketing Lists for Search Ads) campaign, so you can try to win that searcher back.

Technically, Advertiser A has access to all of these things as well.

But knowing what is appropriate to employ at each level is a crucial component of expertise, which comes from years of trial and error.

What should I do with this knowledge?

If you’re just starting out with Google Advertising, don’t worry if things initially seem intimidating. Keep repeating and concentrating on the fundamentals. You will learn something new from each iteration you may use in your subsequent campaign/campaigns.

But Sometimes, You Need Another Set Of Eyes To Look At Your Account

YOU NEED ANOTHER SET OF EYES. You need someone else to analyze your data by segment to determine which aspects of your campaign are practical and which are not. Divide them up and focus more on what is effective.

We look forward to helping you reach the next level in your Google Ads Adventure.

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