Guide to Google Business Profile Video Verification Process

Picture this: You’ve poured your heart into creating a stellar business. You’ve crafted the ultimate biz with outstanding wares, top-notch customer care, and an extraordinary squad. Now, you want to let the world know about it on Google.

But wait! How can you make sure people trust that your business is real? Learning the Google Business Profile video verification process—is what you need!

In today’s digital world, standing out and establishing trust is more important than ever. This is where the Google Business Profile Video Verification Process steps in as a game-changer. 

Ensuring your business is verified and recognized by Google not only solidifies your online presence but also enhances your credibility among potential clients and customers. With the emergence of this new method, it’s important to understand every nuance. 

Gone are the days of the postcard verification method; now, we’re in the era of video verifications—a method as modern and dynamic as your venture itself!

Got your interest piqued? 

Don’t go anywhere! We’re about to plunge into the heart of this cutting-edge process. 

We’ll cover crafting compelling video recordings, decoding Google’s review procedures, managing any bumps in the road, and highlighting why it’s so vital for establishing realness in today’s world.

Table Of Contents:

The Importance of Google Business Profile Verification

It’s no secret that a verified Google Business Profile (GBP) can give your business a big boost. But why exactly is it so important?

The Power of GBP Verification

A verified profile doesn’t just ensure you’re legit in the eyes of Google but also helps potential customers trust your business exists.

You see, when users search for businesses like yours on Google or Maps, they’re likely to click on those with an official green check mark next to their name. 

It’s as if you have a VIP badge at a convention; people are drawn toward credibility and authenticity.

Gaining Visibility & Control Over Your Listing

Having control over your own listing lets you respond directly to customer reviews and questions about your products or services. 

You can post photos showing what you do best and even add special promotions or events directly to your listing. 

A verified GBP essentially gives the reins back to business owners who want their online presence felt.

Fighting Spammy Listings With Video Verification

Key Stat 5: “Video verification has helped reduce spam profiles by up to 40%”. This means less competition from fake listings – because nobody likes buying from knock-offs, right? 

Also, remember how we said video verification was like getting VIP access at conventions? Imagine having that edge while reducing annoying gate-crashers.

Note: Do keep in mind, though – not all businesses will qualify for this form of validation.

Remember: Gaining visibility isn’t just about being seen; it’s about being credible, too. So go ahead and start recording your GBP verification today.

Traditional Postcard Verification Vs. Newer Methods

The way Google verifies businesses has seen quite an evolution. 

The days of traditional postcard verification are slowly fading, if not totally gone, making room for more efficient methods like video verification.

The Decline of Postcard Verification

Back in the day, postcards were all the rage when it came to verifying your business on Google. 

But there was a catch – you had to wait up to 14 days to get that magic code. 

Now imagine misplacing it or having it lost in transit; you’d have to start over again.

This method also left room for fraudulent listings and spammy profiles, as some people found loopholes around this system.

The Rise of Alternative Verification Methods

Fed up with these limitations, Google began exploring other options. 

Their goal is quicker turnarounds and increased security against fake profiles.

Email verification, where codes are sent directly into your inbox within minutes, became one such solution. 

It was faster, but not without its issues, like potential email hacks.

Mobile device verification, another option rolled out by Google, seemed promising, too, because who doesn’t have their phone glued onto them nowadays?

A significant breakthrough though is video verification – no waiting for snail mail or worrying about missing emails anymore.

An Introduction to Video Verification

Video verification is a relatively new way Google authenticates businesses. 

It’s quick, efficient, and gives Google an intimate look into your business operations.

How Video Verification Works

To kickstart video verification, you must create a short clip showcasing your physical business location. 

The focus should be on key elements like signage, branding, or tools of the trade that make it evident this is indeed your place of work.

The video must also show some evidence proving affiliation with the said business; think along the lines of interacting with customers or working within the premises. 

This makes sure you’re not just renting out space for the sake of getting verified.

The profile verification process helps Google ensure the legitimacy of your business and helps get more accurate data about local businesses than traditional methods, such as postcard verification, often leading to inaccurate results.

Creating Your Verification Video

Making a video might sound daunting, but worry not. 

All you really need is your smartphone camera. 

Make sure it clearly shows both interior and exterior views of your workplace. Remember: Authenticity trumps production value here – no need for professional lighting or fancy edits.

Demonstrating Affiliation in Your Video

Google provides guidelines, but here are two quick tips:

  • Showcase daily tasks related directly to what your business does (bakers can knead the dough, while bookshop owners can be seen arranging books).
  • You could introduce your business by videoing any branded materials at hand—business cards, corporate papers, or uniforms work great.

So, there you have it. 

The video verification process is a breeze if done right. It’s your chance to show Google—and the world—what makes your business tick.
Google Business Profile Video Verification Process

Creating a Video for Verification Purposes

Making a verification video may seem daunting, but don’t fret. Here’s your roadmap to success.

What to Include in Your Verification Video

To kick things off, you’ll want to show Google the outside and inside of your business. Illustrate any business signs, markers, street signs, or emblems that unmistakably demonstrate your identity and services. It’s like giving Google a virtual tour.

Showcase all the tools of your trade, too – whether it’s an espresso machine at your café or state-of-the-art tech gear at your IT firm.

Proving Affiliation Through Your Video

Your affiliation with the business needs clear proof. 

One way is by including staff members wearing branded uniforms or ID badges.

The more convincing details you include, the better chance of passing Google’s review process.

Now, onto some key stats:

  1. Stat #8: Businesses using video as part of their online presence see engagement rates increase by up to 80%.
  2. Stat #10: Videos under two minutes long get the most engagement; keep it short and sweet.
Creating a video for verification purposes

So remember: When creating this crucial video for verification purposes, think of location shots and clear branding elements plus strong evidence proving affiliation.

You’ve got this.

The Review Process for Video Verification

After you’ve sent off your video, what occurs next? Google kicks off its review process. Let me give you a behind-the-scenes tour of what happens next.

What Happens During Manual Review?

A real person at Google manually reviews every single verification video submitted. 

It’s not some fancy AI robot doing the work—it’s a human being.

Google rep is looking out for certain things in your video to ensure it meets Google’s guidelines. 

For instance, they’ll be checking if the business name and address match with those listed in your profile.

Your submission must also clearly show physical signs of your business, like signage or logo displays around the premises. So make sure these are well-captured when filming. Temporary vinyl banners will not work; you need permanent signage like wood or metal. You can also have a screen-printed logo on your glass window. 

Privacy of Your Verification Video

You might be asking yourself – “Will my verification video end up on YouTube?” No worries there. Your privacy is paramount to Google.

Your videos are strictly used for verification purposes only—they won’t end up as part of an online blooper reel or viral internet sensation (unless that’s already part of your marketing strategy).

The Waiting Period After Video Submission

Once you’ve sent off your verification video, a common query is, “How much time do I need to wait?” This period can vary, but let’s break it down.

Your video enters Google’s review queue once you hit the submit button. 

While we’d love an instant response, remember that each submission gets manually reviewed by Google’s team. So sit tight.

Understanding the Timeline

This waiting game isn’t without reason – ensuring business authenticity takes time. The typical turnaround time varies from a few days up to two weeks.

Google Business Support team advises patience during this period. They promise they’re working as fast as they can.

Bear in mind factors like weekends or public holidays could slow things down slightly. 

But don’t worry; your business profile won’t be affected negatively due to these minor delays.

If, after 14 days, there’s still no word back from Google about your video verification status – then it might be worth giving their support line a call for help with speeding things along.

Dealing with Failed Video Verification

Even though Google’s video verification is generally a smooth process, sometimes things don’t go as planned. 

If your first attempt at video verification doesn’t succeed, you still have options.


Troubleshooting Your Failed Attempt

Your initial verification step should determine why the video didn’t pass muster. 

It may have lacked clear visuals of your business premises, or branding elements were missing. 

Once identified, you can fix these issues and give it another shot.

If multiple attempts fail to yield success, then there may be an issue on Google’s end – maybe their review system experienced technical difficulties during the assessment of your submission. 

In such cases, reaching out for help from Google Support would be wise.

Pursuing Alternative Verification Methods

If all else fails or creating another verification video feels like too much hassle, alternative methods are available for consideration. The traditional method – postcard verification – although slower than its modern counterparts, could work just fine if speed isn’t a priority for you.

Email and phone verifications also offer simplicity and quickness in certain regions and industries (like law firms). Remember to check if these alternatives apply to your specific case by visiting Google’s support page; most likely, these verification options may be discontinued when you read this post.

Maintaining Persistence in the Process

The key here is persistence. Don’t let failed attempts deter you from pursuing this essential credential for enhancing online visibility through verified listings on Google Maps and the Search Results Page (SERP).

The Impact of Video Verification on Google Business Profile Authenticity

Video verification is an innovative way for businesses to establish their authenticity. This process helps Google fight spam and fake listings, leading to a more reliable online marketplace.

Fighting Spammy and Fake Listings with Video Verification

In the past, business owners could easily set up fake profiles. However, video verification makes it harder for spammers. 

It’s like having a virtual doorman that only lets legitimate businesses through the door.

This method has been effective in reducing spam profiles significantly since its introduction. 

Businesses now need more than just clever words; they need proof through videos showcasing their actual operations.

A recent study found that there was a 40% reduction in the number of spammy profiles after introducing video verification (source). 

That’s not all – this approach also boosted user trust by 35%. 

The numbers speak volumes about how much impact video verifications can have on enhancing profile authenticity.

The Future Looks Bright With Video Verifications

Moving forward, we can expect Google to rely even more heavily on video verification. 

As technology advances, so too will our ability to spot fakes from miles away. 

So whether you’re setting up shop or looking to get verified again after changes – keep your camera ready.

Note: To get started with your own business profile video authentication, check out this handy guide by Top Click Joe: Google My Business Help.

With the advent of video verification, Google is not only protecting businesses but also consumers. The authenticity it brings makes for a more secure and reliable online business environment.

FAQs in Relation to Google Business Profile Video Verification Process

Why is Google making me verify my business with a video?

Google uses video verification methods to ensure the authenticity of your business. It helps in reducing fake listings and boosting trust among users.

How to complete video verification in Google Business Profile?

Create a detailed, clear video showcasing your business location, branding, signage, and trade tools. Submit it through the Google Business Profile dashboard for review.

How long does it take for Google My Business video to verify?

The wait time can vary but typically falls within 1-2 weeks post-submission. This allows time for manual review by the Google team.

What are the video requirements for Google business?

Your video recording verification should include location, visible proof of your physical workspace like storefront business signs displaying your company name, employees at work, and any relevant tools of the trade.

A few last thoughts regarding your Google Business Profile verification

So, you’ve now navigated the Google Business Profile Video Verification Process.

The importance of business video verification can’t be overstressed. 

Not only does it boost your online presence and credibility, but it also shields users from spammy listings.

You’ve seen how we shifted gears from traditional postcard methods to more modern ones like video verification—efficient and engaging!

Crafting an effective video doesn’t have to be complex: include key elements such as location, signage, and branding; prove your affiliation with the business clearly.

The review process might seem daunting at first glance. 

But remember that privacy is ensured throughout – Google uses your videos solely for verification purposes.

If you are interested in learning how Top Click Joe can help you get your Google Business Profile verified, you can contact us at our page.

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