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It Takes One To Know One

At Top Click Joe, we know the Service Business Industry (i.e., Carpet Cleaning Companies, plumbers, HVAC companies, etc.) better than most ad agencies around the globe.

How can we make such an arrogant statement, you ask?

Let me tell you how and why we can make such a bold statement.

My name is Joe Crivello-Sorensen, the CEO of Top Click Joe. Before starting this agency, I owned and operated a disaster restoration company for 27 years (Water, Fire, Mold Disaster Company, Carpet Cleaning, etc.) We did all our marketing in-house for nearly three decades and learned what worked and did not, benefiting all my service business clients.

 We also had a roofing division and a new flooring and refinishing division.

Are you understanding that I understand the service industry better than most agencies?

Let’s connect to see how we can put you in front of your competition, FAST, and at a cost that will NOT take all your profit!

It's Time For YOU To Control Your Financial Destiny


Have you ever wanted to be your OWN BOSS?

As the CEO of Top Click Joe, I want to offer you an opportunity to be your own boss, to become the entrepreneur you have only dreamed of becoming.

Read this note below from a two-year client. I think this says it all. I am looking forward to speaking with you.

 Hi, my name is Doug Meehan. (Pronounced with silent h).

 I wanted to let you know how I feel about coming to work for Joe on the 15% commission program.

 Joe has helped me in my cleaning, carpet repair, and odor restoration business for two years. He has been incredible! I haven’t had to do hardly anything as far as marketing goes. He’s taken care of all of it. He gets my input, of course, for how I want to present myself and my business. Then he takes it from there. It’s been easy, seamless and a big stress load off my shoulders!

  You see, my wife Debbie and I owned a very successful carpet and upholstery cleaning business for 24 and a 1/2 years. My wife and I sold it almost four years ago because we wanted to try different things and maybe travel a bit. Well, things went OK, but we decided we should be in the carpet and restoration business again because that’s what we know how to do best and have had the most success with.

 So when I came back, Debbie still had her old job, but I wanted to get into carpet repairs and restretching. I have a friend in Canada who’s an expert at this who helped me get trained up, plus Debbie is an expert carpet repair person as well.

 This friend in Canada has been using Joe at Top Click joe for several years to do his marketing for his carpet repair business. He is highly successful, and when he recommended Joe, I knew I was on the right track.

 When I called Joe, we went over a few basics, and he explained what he does. He got me set up and in business within a week. I had calls coming in a few days after I talked to Joe. I’ve got to tell you, that was a great feeling! I knew I was gonna be successful!

 Since then, I’ve added carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, and odor removal. It has been almost effortless for me to grow my business because Joe’s doing most of the marketing work! With Joe’s experience in the service industry as a business owner, we are in great hands because he knows exactly what we do and how to get us, customers.

 After a jam-packed and successful summer, I ended up in the emergency room one Friday night. Debbie had to rush me there because I had severe abdominal pain. They had to do emergency surgery to fix the problem. That put me on the shelf for 6 weeks with no work. During this time, I had plenty of time to think about what I wanted to do and asked Joe how I could do something online that’s not physical and make money, so my body doesn’t have to suffer anymore. I discovered that a lifetime of physical labor takes its toll after a while.

 After giving it some thought, Joe came back with a great idea. He offered to pay me 15% of everything new clients spend with him if I bring them in to him! This blew my mind! I’ve been searching for something other than physical labor to earn my living for years. Plus, I’d like to be wealthier and not have to kill myself doing it.  

I also like to help my fellow business owners. I’ve seen what Joe can do for businesses and people. He’s a very nice guy and really cares about his clients. One of the 1st calls I got in the hospital room was from Joe. He was checking in on me and making sure I was OK. Only good friends do that. I am so grateful.

Having 1st hand experience with what Joe has done for my business, I am very confident in my ability to present his services to other business owners. And I’m proud to do it! I know what they’ll get, and they will be delighted with their improved businesses! I sure am!

When you think about it, a 15% ongoing commission is very generous, that’s $630.00 a month for his Ultimate 16 package. For me, it will create an enduring income stream as long as I keep the funnel full. Joe will maintain his clients. Hardly any of them leave because he does such a good job. I am stoked to get going on this, and I’m happy to tell you that I believe my dreams are coming true, even though I had to go through some painful experiences to get here.

 If you want a business that will do this for you, I highly suggest talking to Joe about coming on as a Partner with Top Click Joe and earning a great income stream for yourself and your family! You’ve got nothing to lose. Joe will not hold you hostage. You can be done if you don’t think it’s working out. I happen to know that it’s going to work out just great because I know Joe. I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t believe in him. Give it a shot! See you at the Top (Click)!!


Doug Meehan

You are welcome to call me and ask me any questions about my experience with Top Click Joe 303-902-7827

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