A Peek into the past & present of
Joe Crivello-Sorensen

I am the founder, leader, and creative behind the TOP CLICK JOE brand.


Let me start by saying that my past is what has made me such a great online marketing and advertising specialist. For 27 years, I did my own marketing for my companies before starting an ad agency.   


In October of 1989, I started my entrepreneurial journey when I bought a portable carpet cleaning machine and started cleaning carpets in the resort town of Red River, New Mexico. My full-time job was working as a chef in a local restaurant. Carpet Cleaning was a way to supplement my income during slow times between winter and summer tourist seasons.


I was in a unique situation that most startup companies don’t have when beginning a business. Red River was a resort town full of owner-occupied hotels and single home nightly rentals. Because I knew most of the residents and business owners, it was easy to get work cleaning carpets. My wife Kathy and I would clean carpets at night after my 12-hour cooking shift.  


I know that God had his hands all over this. Carpet cleaners would drive up to Red River, New Mexico, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to perform carpet and upholstery cleaning during our two off-seasons. It still blows my mind that no one thought of this before and I was the first local resident to start a carpet cleaning business, but I was.


I retired from my chef position six months after starting my new business and never looked back. 


Once I was full-time in my business, I expanded to the neighboring cities of Questa, Taos, Angel Fire, and Eagle Nest, NM. SEE MAP BELOW.

I worked in the Enchanted Circle area for ten years until the summer of 1999, expanding my business to include new flooring sales, water damage mitigation, and mold damage mitigation. 


In 2000 I expanded to Colorado Springs, Colorado, and soon found out I was in a whole new market where I did not know a single person. I now had to learn marketing if I was going to survive in this very competitive arena.


From 2000 to 2010 I concentrated on growing my business and improving my advertising abilities. These 10 years of trial and error in advertising helped me to develop marketing skills through hands-on experience.  As I became more successful in advertising to grow my business, new opportunities came knocking at my door. 


In April of 2010, my entire business got a massive boost when a friend who worked for Allstate Insurance Company as an adjuster asked me to apply for the insurance vendor program. The program was and still is called Alacrity Insurance Program. 


Two months after applying, I was accepted into the Alacrity Insurance Program, and from that day forward, my business grew fast. In 2011 I applied for another insurance vendor program called Contractor Connection and was accepted for that program. 


I decided to sell all my businesses in 2016 because I had such a passion for marketing that I wanted to open an ONLINE ADVERTISING AGENCY and put all my time and knowledge into marketing for other companies. After all, I had years of experience and successful advertising for my own companies.


In June 2016, I started my new journey when I opened my Marketing agency. I love what I do so much it’s like going to Disneyland every day! 


Most people would have retired after a long successful career. If you understood the mind of an entrepreneur, you would appreciate the fact that we can’t stop because we love what we do so much it is as vital as the air we breathe. 


I have experienced employees that work with me to create very successful advertising campaigns for your business. I work with every client persona and together we customize advertising that lets your business stand out.


 If you feel we are an excellent fit to help your company achieve domination in your city, I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get you to the TOP of online marketing!


Joe Crivello-Sorensen
CEO Top Click Joe

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